Back on blogging after a 15 months absence l’m now recharged with energy, happy to share my meaningful insights and to contribute again to our ever evolving and growing agile workplace transformation. For future articles l ‘m on with sharing a lot more of myself as I got deeply rooted after running through a series of life challenging moments.

What is in it for you?

Hopefully insights that you cannot just get from everywhere. A connection of agility, a merge of workspace and private life, advanced perspectives based on 10 years traveling through various agile landscapes.

To all my loyal readers – thank you for your patience and in advance for helping me in my growth by providing your radical candor feedback.

To have you even more involved I start to share my backlog of topics with my Trello board . Please provide and guide me on the direction of what topics are interesting for you. Your votes and comments on upcoming blog posts will be a main input for my direction on writing. In case you just search for inspiration on topics, you are welcome to use my backlog for that too.

Just let’s connect the dots.

Teaser on upcoming topics

  • A series on measurements using actionable agile metrics based on practical experience
  • Insights and shared tools from my personal and systemic coach education
  • As you are maybe used too – books, books summaries, book reviews
  • Practical insights on OKRs, building it and working in an agile coach team
  • …and so many more – please check the 50 topics already available at

Why am I doing that?

I’m happy to share my insights with the community hoping that it leads to even more beautiful working and life spaces. Maybe you just wonder what I gain from it? So let me shortly share insights I got from a coaching session I recently had the pleasure to be in:

  • Blogging provides me with a place to externalize knowledge. And that strongly connected to my lessons learned from joining the productivity days.
  • It is a way to connect with the agile community. For me it is quite interesting to experience a growing network and gather input from various areas.
  • It connects to my purpose to grow by sharing learnings with the community and therewith also open and show potential vulnerabilities

And that reconfirms my 3 key benefits from writing a blog article

Where to go from here?

With currently having a blog backlog with more than 50 topics I’m charged. To balance I set my blog publishing cadence to once per month. This enables getting into details and having articles connected with my active working areas in depth.

I’m happy to receive your feedback as this is for me an important source to grow. Please vote on upcoming posts. Challenge my writing and let’s connect.