Recently I gave a presentation about cost of delay combined with a teaser about how to measure anything and the effects of working on projects in parallel vs. sequential. I plan to provide this overview on next Meetups (hey Ioana – what do you think?) and maybe there will be a recording too. Please have a look on the presentation to get your input about:

  • Basics about cost of delay to be used as a major economically based measurement in agile environments (and to replace many of the used proxy measurements that provide no real value).
  • An exercise to apply the quantitative cost of delay matrix
  • A simple tool to check your optimal project sequence and show the effects of cost of delay in combination with sequencing decisions
  • An approach on How to measure anything – my recommendation to read the amazing book to
  • A simple example of the effects of cost of delay when working on project in parallel vs. sequential and how you can avoid 226% higher cost of delay just by choosing the sequential approach

Open presentation via link

What’s your feedback? Do you already consider Cost of Delay and what is your experience with it regarding prioritization and project sequencing?


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