Recently I read the book The primes – How any group can solve any problem by Chris McGoff. I discovered a rich set of patterns that one has to consider when working with/leading groups and I think it really moves leadership to the next level, if leaders start to work with it.

What are primes?

  • Universal patterns of group behavior
  • Show up every time people join up groups to solve problems, drive change and transform systems
  • Master the primes and you can master leading groups

And what are they good for?

  • Inspire people to join groups
  • Get aligned
  • Generate sufficient power and
  • Sustain alignment and power until the problem is solved

Maybe a short path (teaser)

I really like the combination of simple drawings that make primes stick combined with the examples and description for each prime. To be even faster to remember I created a summary for the 46 primes, that could be maybe useful for you too.

View presentation directly at Slideshare

And please watch the 10′ TEDx talk, showing some nice combinations of the primes.

My 7 favorite primes

And these are my favorite 7 primes out if the 46 primes described (links go directly to the slide describing the prime):

  • In-On  – strongly consider when you work on instead of in your business)
  • Integrity – as the most important tool for build and maintaining trustful relationships
  • No gossip – a strong push to fight actively against gossip
  • Blind man and the elephant – all about perspectives (that we lose that often)
  • Core prime – 5 really important aspects for change
  • Muda – great visualization to spot the MUDA area
  • A clearing – Focus – just that

What are your favorite primes? Are there any you disagree … Why? Thanks for sharing your throughs with your comment 😉