Jan Hegewald and me gave a presentation about dynamic team setups at this years Manage Agile  (#manageagile) conference in Berlin. Find below the presentation slides and summary picture (free to use). Soon there will be a (german language) video version too.

An overview


In this picture you can see on the left side an example historic team constellation (squares), a skill portfolio (triangles) and projects (stars) so far.

In the middle sections it shows the dynamic setup for current projects. You can see e.g. that for project (search for the star named E on the upper right) there are 4 team members working on it. The big person had so far experience in project A+B, has experience with topics 1 (BDD) + 2 (BigData) and adds new skills (motivator:mastery). He worked in team 1 before. He had the opportunity to self nominate for project E and he selected this project as it helped him to reach his goal of further development (motivator:autonomy) – the cloud shows the connection of this goals and the company goals (motivator: purpose).

The small circles show topics to cover. With the current setup we don’t cover all of them with current projects. Let’s assume for now that they have different priorities and that the most important are already addressed. If changes occur and other topics become more important, we could rearrange the setup of teams dynamically.

The presentation

Download the presentation

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