Just finished 11 interesting books and would like to provide you some inspiration to maybe add it to your reading list too.


In the following chapters you can find some comments and further links about the books that you can use to decide whether its worth reading it.

Radical focus

Radical Focus by Christina R. Wodtke a fast to read story and theoretical background about the objectives and key results model, one can use to describe company goals and cascade it through the company. Really helpful input to understand the system.

The road less traveled

The road less traveled by M. Scott Peck a must read to learn more about patterns in us. Especially his great definition of love is just worth reading it. A book that really touched me deeply.

Simple rules

Simple Rules by Donald Sull provides you with a strong framework to make better decisions, to avoid bureaucracy and just to be fast. Along with the theoretical part I enjoyed my learnings through the great examples that show the simplicity in many areas that working with simple rules enables. It’s in my opinion perfectly in line with complex environments where you cannot plan a way through it anyway.

Just 2 examples as a teaser:

  • Bird swarms that need 3 simple rules to build and follow a swarm. Read more about the Boid algorithm.
  • A simple rule for managing your money to just distribute it equally in all existing assets. A rule that outperforms most other much more difficult frameworks.

Must read!

The speed of trust

Just half way through that amazing book, that describes levels of trust, why trust is so important and how one can create a trustful environment. I highly recommend reading it as it will change the way you behave in your (working) environment. Especially management and agile coaches should read it.

Just some highlight teasers:

  • 5 waves – Self trust, relationship trust, organizational trust, market trust and societal trust
  • 4 cores – your integrity, your intent, your capabilities and your results
  • 13 behaviors – talk straight, demonstrate respect, create transparency, right wrongs, show loyalty, deliver results, get better, confront reality, clarify expectations, practice accountability, listen first, keep commitments and extent trust – including many examples and counterfeit/opposite considerations.

A summary will follow soon.

Only the paranoid survive

Only the Paranoid Survive: How exploit the crisis points that challenge every company by Andrew S. Groove

Only some years old but today even more up to date and valid information how to check your environment constantly for important changes. The so called strategic inflection points, meaning a major shift in market conditions, is the central focus of learning in this book.

You get answers on questions like:

  • How can you early recognize it?
  • What behaviors do you need to discover, change and lead plus manage through a strategic inflection point?
  • and many more!


Highly recommended reading to extend your and your companies perspective with some necessary paranoia and therewith stay fit and survive. It’s eye opening to learn what amazing changes and difficult decisions can be necessary and how important it is to recognize it early and decide at the right point in time.

Schwarmdumm – swarm stupidity

Schwarmdumm by Gunter Dueck

In my summary, Swarm stupidity – why you should urgently reconsider your teams, meetings and working environment, I already described some parts of my learnings.

Swarm stupidity is created when the whole is not clearly understood and when there is no whole that is uniting the team. It also occurs while striving for an impossible whole.  Stupidity – doing more of the same (wrong) thing and to expect another result.

I highly recommend to read it to inspect and change your environment.

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