Tasks of an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster

This week I moved OnTheAgilePath from Blogger to WordPress including a domain provider switch. What a journey! I hope all is working fine for you again?

Last year I wrote a post about the role of an Agile Coach including a whiteboard animation (see below). Via a survey I asked whether you would like to have that overview as a printable version too – clear answer – yes.

With this post I share the first version of that poster, highlighting important tasks of an Agile Coach (… it’s by the way my first post published in WordPress – I have to admit that I still have to get used to it 😉

It is an A0 format poster, available in various reusable formats.

It looks like this and explains tasks of an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster in 8 sections and with 31 stickman pictures:

Tasks of an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster

Download your version of the poster (available as PDF, SVG, EPS and original Scribus file).


Please feel free to use it in your environment. Maybe you have wishes for further extensions or changes?

You can either apply it in your downloaded version (see Scribus and downloadable file) or let’s discuss it via your highly welcome comment.

Maybe you have a great idea, what to add in the poster center. Could be a place for further useful additions. Let’s develop that poster together.

Have fun printing it for your wall and with follow up discussions and explanations about your role 😉

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