With this post I’ll share some of my recently read books, link to some of my summaries and provide an overview on upcoming ones. Maybe you can add your current favorites to help me discovering and filling my reading queue 😉

Recently read books

#1 Actionable Agile Metrics for predictability

The great book by Daniel S. Vacanti provides an important entry point for becoming familiar with metrics to be used in agile environments. For me a must read for Agile Coaches and product owners who would like to base their improvements and next steps on a more data driven approach.

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#2 The Scrumban [R]Evolution – Getting the most out of Agile, Scrum and Lean Kanban

I highly recommend reading this book to get a deep and demystifying overview about Scrumban and why to consider it as an evolution for existing Scrum environments.

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  • I’m currently writing my summary – maybe you would like to join reading it already 😉

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#3 Kanban from the inside: Understand the Kanban method, connect it to what you already know, introduce it with impact

A great book about Kanban by Mike Burrows. Beside the practical application it explain a lot about the guiding principles and values underlying the Kanban method.

A book I recommend for advanced agile experts learning more deeply about Kanban.

I did not yet find the time to summarize it, but I’ll add it as soon as the summary will be available.

#4 The goal – a process of ongoing improvement

What a great business novel, reminding me on a great presentation about Herbie the small, big boy and his challenges in a boy scout group. 
A must read for agile coaches!

#5 A Scrum Master’s Practical Toolbox

An awesome collection of tools for a ScrumMasters everyday life. Fast to read and full of highly usable input.

Further readings

What books can you recommend? Did you read some of the books listed in this post and what’s your opinion?