Not knowing (NICHTWISSEN) 

Some time ago I had the opportunity to watch an awesome presentation by Daniel Juling about Not Knowing. It was a great session with really exciting input about that (at least) for me so far unconsidered perspective. 
Learning about Not Knowing and how it opens new possibilities is powerfully shown by examples based on Apple and Google.

Key takeaways 

  • Use your imagination (as it’s unlimited in comparison to just using our knowledge) – it opens a the huge space of possibilities
  • Work with self creating systems and try to find ways for coupling systems. Structure is important to enable coupling.
  • Test & discover what works (and what not)
  • Enable and foster diversity
  • Delegate decision making (to the unknown) (e.g. to the market)
  • Consider all reference systems for decision making and ADD the Not Knowing perspective
  • Respect the POINT OF NO RETURN carefully
OPTIMIZE FOR ANSWERING THE QUESTION: How many hours did you do what you wanted to do today? WITH 100%

Watch Daniel’s presentation (DE) directly and maybe my SketchNotes help you too, to remember later on.

Thanks  Daniel Juling for your insights!