A short summary of the great talk The Death of Agile | ThoughtWorks by Dave Thomas.
What a great presentation – starting with the heavy monetization around the term Agile. “Create fear, make it sound difficult, bright and shiny and sell it to developers. Name it ENTERPRISE Agile to earn even more (the more boxes on a slide, the more money).”

The term Agile gets more an more diluted – the word Agile is dead, let’s use the term AGILITY.

AGILITY – What to do
Find out where you are. 

Take a small step towards your goal. 

Adjust your understanding based on what you learned. 

AGILITY – How to do it

When faced with two or more alternatives that deliver roughly the same value, take the path that makes future easier.
  • The way doing the smallest damage in the future
  • If my previous path was wrong I can change it quickly
AGILITY – How to measure it

Don’t tell what to do and how to do it … like it’s often done by management and “agile coaches”.

No rules are universal, all rules need context except of this one. It implies – you cannot take an of the shelve solution! It’s an iterative learning process.

Unless you’ve done this before, you don’t know what to do … and therefore you need to develop with AGILITY. It’s an iterative learning process.


I know the basics, I know how to get this done and sometimes I may need your support, but I’ll ask for it.

The Death of Agile | ThoughtWorks

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