Just came across a nice discussion about the Daily Standup and what (3) questions to use. Condensed some cool variations for questions in you Daily.

Nice connection with the goal getting it done:

“DONE” – Delivered – Obstacles – NEx t  Tweet:

Good variation for the 1st question with more focus to avoid too long listing of thing done since yesterday:
What did I do yesterday that helped the team meet the sprint goal? 
What have you achieved since yesterday? (same as last one – but shorter to read)
What have your finished since yesterday? (at least keep focus on finished topics — and shows if you got stuck)
Focus on achievements:
What I achieved since yesterday?
What I plan to achieve today?
What help do I need to achieve my goal of the day?
Important but shorter version for the 3rd question regarding impediments:
Are impediments in your way?
In mature teams I think you won’t need the 3 question format any longer as the team knows what’s the purpose of real synchronization. Let it evolve but keep the focus. 
As an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster you can try this to avoid a reporting style in your Daily:
  • Move yourself or the person the team seems to report to behind your team and inject some distraction. This way the lose the focus point.
  • Remember the team that it’s a sync to check if they’re on track, have blockers and plan their day (and not a bragging)
  • Change boring round format and bring in a random order
  • Vary questions and remove the routine from time to time

What questions are you using? How are you pimping your daily standup?