What’s blogging all about

For me – it is learning, connecting and networking and storing information. I write posts now for some years and I notice how often I refer to my posts when engaging in discussions. 
Learning is covered by writing consciously about topics. It converts the high loss learning by reading to a real learning by explaining it to others and sometimes gathering valuable feedback. It makes me proud to be part of the community and to be able to share my insights. 
Networking occurs every time you are reading my post. Some are even sharing it via social networks. I know – it’s nowadays not that easy to inspire to share … the more I’m proud if I was able to touch you with valuable content. 
I can use my posts to refer in comments on other posts. I share it in discussions. I use it in Meetups and connecting afterwards.
I’m proud of some strong links to popular posts used in the agile community (hint – scroll the right sidebar to see the popular posts).
Storing information helps me to have a reference point to search for content that is valuable to me. I don’t have to keep it all in my mind and this simplifies using it a lot. In addition it has the additional effect with the sharing, linking and multimedia possibilities. It’s like a private Wiki for me but adding some more benefits. Maybe later on I can reuse my posts in writing a bigger article or even a book.
Sometimes I wish to have more comments on posts and I don’t know really if my content is valuable for others. But from time to time there is feedback available and this helps a lot. I have to be patient, be consistent and see all the mentioned important additional aspects just mentioned. 
I guess there is some more learning necessary about how to ask you to share and engage or at least tell me if it’s not worth reading ;-)? So now:

I learn more about Blogging

Recently I stumbled upon a nice course about blogging by John Sonmez (author of the really successful blog Simple Programmer). I follow his awesome hints now since 2 weeks and I really like it a lot.

So far I learned:

  • that it’s important to have an own domain for your blog
  • to set a major theme for your blog and prefer to have a niche and not have it to generalized 
  • to collect a list of 50 items for blog posts and fill it up to 50 as soon as you pass the lower boundary of 30 items – whoahhh – this is a challenge
  • to be CONSISTENT in publishing posts. Best done with scheduling it weekly in your calendar to remember yourself and get it running
  • how to get more traffic by cross reading and commenting on other blogs and building a community
I’m really looking forward for the next lessons. I can highly recommend to follow the course on blogging.