Based on the Webinar – A River (of Requirements) Runs Through it – by Dave West and Derwyn Harris I share with you my sketch notes and key takeaways. 

Key learnings

  • Consider Requirements in an agile and adaptive way and not as a stage. The river as a metaphor for the flow of requirements and their evolution 
  • Check for the amount of innovation and disruption of what you’re building and at least get conscious about it – use e.g. the Disruption/Innovation chart
  • Be aware of the (exponential growing) gap between alignment (with requirements) and complexity and check for proper ways (considering people, process, tools) to shrink the gap
    • Focus on interactions
    • Avoid over interpreting guidelines as rules
    • Measure Alignment
  • Next book – Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The Challenge of Complexity to Ways of Thinking about Organisations (Stacey)
  • Learn more about Jama and Tasktop