Based on the new management 3.0 CHAMPFROGS by Jurgen Appelo I tried to summarize my readings with Sketchnotes (see below).
The 10 intrinsic motivators – Curiosity – Honor – Acceptance – Mastery – Power – Freedom – Relatedness – Order – Goal – Status – provide a nice orientation on what really motivates us. 
Champfrogs helps asking yourself the right questions how to support your environment in getting and sustaining motivation and is for me a key for transforming to a people oriented working place.

I guess together with the beautiful workout by Jurgen these notes can provide a fast overview again and help you remember it even faster. It shows the the 10 motivators, lists all 20 questions and provides a short sketch for every motivator (and maybe it’s like a Wimmel picture of use for your kids too ;-).

Together with the moving motivators and intrinsic motivation maybe you are interested in these posts:

Do you already use Moving Motivators and/or Champfrogs? Maybe you would like to share your experience with a comment.