Based on Jurgen Appelo’s management workout Personal Maps I created my first sketch note (thanks for the brilliant idea of using sketch notes to Angel Medinella). Please be patient with the format – still a lot to improve for me there 😉 

I really like the idea of personal maps and using the techniques:

  • management by walking around (1) – to have a low cost and high effective way to meet people and listen+talk with everyone, 
  • moving your desk (2) – to support without physical distance and get realtime emotions and feedback and 
  • move your mike (3) – to build an environment with a balance between room for creativity and communication.
The usage of moving motivators and delegation poker in combination with learning about other areas than work only will help me building my personal maps.

We’ll discuss this workout tomorrow in our 7th management 3.0 regular table in Munich. Let’s see how others work with it. I’ll share some results afterwards.

Do you use personal maps already? What’s your experience?