On the agile path

6 years ago I started my agile journey with Alistair Cockburn’s Agile Software Development. Combined with the inspiration by Tom De Marco’s Peopleware – Productive Projects and Teams and his ideas about the way we should work together I felt – agile is my way. 

Not yet there it took me some time to learn more about XP and agile programming techniques – used TDD (today I would rather call it like this and better name my way a test oriented approach 😉 ), tried working in pairs, included fast feedback cycles, introduced continuous integration and thinks alike.

Still – it was not in a structure that made me happy. Some months later I had the opportunity to work with an external company helping us coordinating a bigger project. This time the project manager forwarded me a short video about Scrum and asked me what I think about it (I guess it was around 2008) … This is it … the missing structure. 

I immediately read  Boris Gloger’s Scrum – Produkte schnell und zuverlässig entwickeln and was fascinated by Scrum’s simplicity. I became a Scrum Master, introduced Scrum and had the opportunity to work with several great teams during the past 5 years. 

Randomly I stumbled upon Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0. The next milestone on my agile path. The missing piece about how management should look like in an agile environment – summarized in one great book that helped me to enlarge my perspective. Along with Daniel Pink’s Drive and Steve Johnson’s Where good ideas come from I’m on my way as an agile manager, currently working with four great teams.

Following the agile path, this year I had even more the chance to learn from agile influencers like Henrik Kniberg, Vasco Duarte … joined the DARE conference and the AGILE WORLD … took my management 3.0 class with Jürgen Dittmar and joined the management 3.0 regular table … and I’m impressed by the flourishing world and speed of development. 

I figured out that it’s not Scrum only, it’s agile and choosing the fitting method to work agile. Along this way I started using Personal Kanban for my own management, we introduced ScrumBan and evolve our agile implementation. 

To follow my agile path it’s time to change this blog too … On the agile path is the new blog’s name and is soon available at ontheagilepath.net domain.