It has been quite for some time now on my blog. Sorry for letting you wait – but I needed some break to collect new ideas and process all the impressions I got from the conferences, books and activities in my working environment 😉

Recent books I read (I’m reading) that I can highly recommend.

Tame the flow

I had the chance to meet Steve on the dare conference – we have exercised some Aikido together and I like his style of presentation a lot. HERBIE – it’s still in my ears.

This book – is amazing. For me it brings a lot of completely new insights about possible ways to:

  • explain the nature of software development to non IT colleagues … a piece that’s often missing and causing a lot of misunderstandings
“Software development is a highly social activity, wherein the patterns of interaction that happen are important factors”
  • reach hyperproductivity – based on analyzing the Borland Quattro’s teams success (Steve worked in that corona)
“The key lies in the organizational culture; and organizational culture starts from the head”
  • visualize the companies communication state – to foster reaching a high bandwith communication style.
“If a programmer has an idea he can raise it with everybody who matters in an hour and have a decision made in two hours”

Just to give you some examples … and there is so much more in it. Have fun reading it and maybe we can share impressions?

Your network is your net worth

What a nice book by Porter Gale about how to strengthen your networking activities by focussing on your core values and aligning networking with it.

e.g. My funnel based on the funnel exercise from the book

Scrum and Kanban – making the most of both

Aligned with some experiments we do I read Scrum and Kanban – making the most of both. A must read to understand how you can improve if you get stuck

with having support tasks, external dependencies and it looks like Scrum isn’t fitting in that situation.

Special thanks for the helping and cool visualizations. E.g. One day in Kanban land – short and fast picture to get the idea of Kanban

How to run an internal unconference

Henrik Kniberg – I don’t know when you’re producing all that great stuff. Your description how to run an internal unconference definitely made my day when reading it.

For everyone who is looking for ideas who to organize a session with some more people >20. Fetch this Minibook and update yourself in 2h about the idea and organization of Unconferences. 

Next in line

What do you recommend?