I started my #dare13 day 2 with a cool AIKIDO session facilitated by Ángel Medinilla. It was amazing and for me a key learning – elegance, intelligence and not much power – a convincing style to “dance” with your opposite.

Sessions started with the keynote by Dean Leffingwell about the scaled agile framework, followed by the amazing presentation about 

happiness at work – you deserve it by Laurence Vanhee day 2 of #dare13 really with a lot of energy.
(this time no extra notes as we have these brilliant sketch notes)

For me followed by:

  • Kanban – isn’t it just common sense
  • My first 2 years with Kanban
  • Achieve flow, balancing capability with demand
  • I see – how unconventional visualization helps agile projects
  • Art of cultural hacking
it was again a day full with inspiring talks, impressions and new resources to follow up.

A list of many useful resources for later usage

Lost generation    

shown by Ken Power

You found even more? Feel free to leave a comment with Links 😉