This time you’ll find inspiring input on designing an employeer handbook, how to organize yourself by considering Henrik Kniberg’s presentation, some input for hiring and more about using agile metrics.

An appropriate use of metrics


This article is really helpful as it gives an detailed input what to consider when using metrics. With it’s three main chapters:

  • What’s wrong with how we use metrics?
  • Be careful what you measure
  • Guidelines for a more appropriate use of metrics
current problems using metrics are shown and concrete advise what to change is given. 

Valve’s employee handbook

Amazing – this is really a cool company concept and the best introduction for a new employee I’ve ever seen. I guess new starters feel the companies energy right from day one! It gives orientation on:

  • Your first day in the company
  • Where to start working on
  • Roles and development
  • The companies core values
  • Performance evaluation    

For me an inspiring input.


Stop starting, start finishing

Some weeks ago I started with using personal kanban.


This book already provided helpful input on how to structure my daily work better. By using JIRA’s rapid board with the simplest workflow possible I got rid of my todo lists.
Snapshot from Henrik’s presentation

Some days ago I read Henrik Kniberg‘s awesome presentation – Stop starting, Start finishing – about self organization.  

With beautiful pictures about his own life, smart illustrations like the one right beside and real life examples what and how to change Henrik gives inspiring input everyone who feels like being in a hamster wheel.


10 Crucial Questions Agile Developers should ask employers

Being an agile manager I’m supporting the teams in hiring new team members. 

This article gives 10 nice questions for checking if the company understands what agility means and if it’s the right place to work for you.

You are thinking about a change? Try the 10 questions with me – we’re currently hiring good ScrumMasters and Java Developers 😉


Managment 3.0 seminar and Munich Stammtisch


This week I had the opportunity to join the management 3.0 course. The mentioned post described some of my key takeaways.

In addition Jürgen Dittmar started the Management 3.0 Stammtisch, that I joined the 2nd time this week. Follow us … some smart topics are coming soon.