My last 2 days where full of impressions and learnings about the new way of management. I took the management 3.0 course hosted by Juergen Dittmar based on Jurgen Appelo’s management 3.0 ideas.

One and a half year ago I read the amazing book Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders (Addison-Wesley Signature) and was fascinated by all the fresh ideas Jurgen described. That time I was working as a ScrumMaster and already used some of the ideas in my daily work. But…

Starting this year I became an agile manager – with responsibility for our development center. It’s changing my focus too. It was time to take the management 3.0 course.

My goals for the course

I attended the course with the following goals in mind:

  • Refresh what I read and get more practical hands on experience and input
  • Get a even clearer picture what it means to be an agile manager
  • Connect with likeminded people and share experiences
To summarize – all three parts where perfectly met by the training. 

It was a really nice group of smart people, we had a lot of helpful and clarifying discussions, with new emerging ideas, nice hub connections and promising future connections. And a great location in the center of Munich – thanks to Feld M for being a fantastic host.

I got a whole bunch of tools and an amazing input – honestly – I need to sort it … the 2 days increased my motivator MASTERY 😉

Key takeaways

There were so many impressions – this is only a list of some key takeaways (maybe for you to decide to join one too):
  • Moving motivators – this game is really cool and this was affirmed by the group
  • Delegation poker is something worth to consider for getting the levels of delegation clear (key input for role clarification)
  • I really liked the way we were using Kudos and I got new input how to use it in an even more simplified way. The motivation during the 2 days and especially at the end were great – I got 5 Kudos yeah!!
  • Meddlers really helps getting a grasp on the team structure and having a nice visualized discusion base for structural extensions
  • The importance of team diversity and a nice intro with the personal sheet as opener to check the diversity in your team

All in all – there is so much to do for an agile manager – it’s amazing and overwhelming. Really no need to worry for management in the agile context.

Nice additional input

Need convincing arguments for Agile (Scrum)? Watch this amazing video showing what agile brings!

Something more about creativity and why Fibonacci is so interesting?

Next books, books, books

  • Radikal führen (German)
  • Und Mittags geh ich heim (Detlef Lohmann, German)
  • Wenn Sie wollen, nennen Sie es Führung (Cyrus Achouri)
  • Die 12 neuen Gesetze der Führung (Pfläging, German)
  • Drive (Dan Pink)
  • Das Chaos managen (Ralph D Stacey, German)
  • Fearless change (Mary Lynn Manns)
  • Radical Management (Denning)
  • Leading Changer (Kotter)
  • Das Pinguin Prinzip (Spencer Johnson, German)

To explore

I highly recommend this course as it really helps understanding what is management 3.0 about (for me it was even more than reading the book). With all the input for working with your teams and the organization it’s an investment really worth it.

For Germans around Munich – you can join the “management 3.0 stammtisch” – it’s a nice possibility for follow up discussions.

Thanks Jürgen Dittmar and the group for the special 2 days