This week passed with some interesting sources about book recommendations for 2012 and the work expo by Jurgen Appelo, a nice daily update on Agile by Gil Broza. 

Readings Overview

More detailed information

12 recommended books by Jurgen Appelo

Sources: 12 recommended books by Jurgen Appelo (Blog post by Jurgen Appelo)

A nice list of 12 books read last year by Jurgen Appelo. Some of them are already in my queue now.

Johanna Rothman’s Three Tips for 2013

Sources: Johanna Rothman’s Three Tips for 2013 (Blog post)

  • Make time for reflection and observation
  • Avoid personal multitasking. Period.
  • Decide what you will learn this year and act to make it happen.

Work Expo

Sources: Work Expo (Pdf by Jurgen Appelo)

Again a cool idea presented in “the Jurgen Appelo style” – this time about finding the WHY? using a work expo.  

The New Economics for Industry, government & eduction

Sources: The New Economics For Industry, Government & Education (Book summary for the book of Edward Deming)

Although some days ago – I found this summary for the book The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education really helpful. During reading Abolish performance appraisals I found Deming’s referenced input regarding management really interesting.

22 Killer Personal development resources

Sources: 22 Killer Personal Development Resources You’re Missing Out On (Stumble Upon Post)

A list of 22 applications that help to increase your productivity and foster creativity. Among Stumble Upon and Everynote I found new things like Lumosity and Mindbloom.


Something happened on the way to Agile

Sources: Something Happened on the Way to Agile (20-day, email-based mini-program by Gil Broza)

I’m on day 16 of this (free) EMail based program by Gil Broza. Topics covered so far:

  • Deal with conflict of team members
  • How do we get started with TDD?
  • Code reviews or inspections in Agile?
  • How much unit test coverage is enough?
  • How can we effectively engage people from outside the team?
  • Release planning meeting
  • How should we split stories?
  • Where does the user interface designer fit?
  • How should we balance the development of features with cross cutting concerns?
  • How can we balance project work commitments with ongoing support activities?
  • How can we plan for risks?
  • What’s the value of having a Definition of Done (especially if a team is already doing well)?
  • Aren’t two-week iterations too short?
  • How do we create business value beyond features and dollars?
  • How to foster product owner accountability?
  • If we commit to delivery dates, how can we allow on-going feedback and changes?
For me a helpful daily input and a recommendation for every ScrumMaster.