Again a week of learning and cross reading with the resulting hub connection. This weeks topics covered/started – performance appraisals, metrics – continued, productivity tools and Scrum input for the management. 

Readings Overview

More detailed information

Performance management for agile people

Sources: Performance management for agile people (Blog post by Tech Well)

This blog post offers nice overview about the background of performance appraisals in agile environments. Beside a rough overview the provided links are really helpful


Hyperproductive metrics

Sources: Hyperproductive metrics (Webinar by Jeff Sutherland)

This week I joined a nice 1h Webinar by Jeff Sutherland regarding hyperproductive metrics. You can already get a good overview by the existing material Scrum Metrics for hyperproductive teams. In addition you can read my webinar notes.

Zemanta, Spring Pad and GetPocket

Sources: Discovered Zemanta, Spring Pad and GetPocket

Reading about some ways to get more productive I found the following three helpful tools.

  • Zemantais now connected with my Blogger and is a fancy software to help during the blog post creation. It suggests links to related articles, pictures and provides in text links.
  • Spring Pada nice software to organize various readings and thoughts
  • GetPocket specialed tiny software to put things to read next in your “pocket”

Software in 30 days

Sources: Software in 30 Days: How Agile Managers Beat the Odds, Delight Their Customers, And Leave Competitors In the Dust

Inspired by Ken Schwaber’s keynote I ordered and read this book immediately. For me a must read to have input for your management to understand Scrum and where the journey starts and goes.

Abolishing performance appraisals

Sources: Abolishing Performance Appraisals: Why They Backfire and What to Do Instead

Again a search hit by hub connection of many previous reads about agile and performance appraisal systems (see also my previous blog post). 

After having read the first chapters – I can only say – WOW. What a ground braking book. Providing a lot of well structured background information about the system assumptions and why it’s not working for complex systems – so far a long needed input for analyzing next steps.

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a merry Christmas 🙂
This is a gift for your next day (thanks to Jeff Sutherland for sharing it AND Louie Schwartzberg for creating it)