Recently I engaged again a bit more in the digital currency domain (BitCoins and AltCoins like DogeCoin, Feathercoin) and was surprised about the interesting usage of Dogecoins at Reddit as a way to implement a donation system for good Reddit forum contributions. In my opinion a great way to donate and show respect to the work of others and it seems to flourish inside the huge Reddit community already.

I think a great use case for blogging and donation (and wordpress) too, but still lacking proper support via WordPress plugins.

And I thought why not start it for this blog too. As I would not like to start with advertisement banners for this blog (see my argumentation below), maybe asking for donations for good posts is a transparent and fair way to compensate my expenses for keeping this blog alive.

Let’s create an interesting win:win situation.

You always wanted to get more familiar with this strange topic cryptocurrencies? Have a deeper look into the world of Dogecoins as a first entry point and use this post as a teaser to discover that interesting new asset. Create a wallet, get your first Dogecoin address and invest in some coins – I guess you’ll figure it out in the next 30 minutes 😉 Have some fun with it.

And if you like this blog and some posts so far and already found some interesting contributions, please send your first couple of coins directly as a donation to my Dogecoin address shown below.

How you can donate to this blog

Go to your newly installed wallet 😉 and send some coins to the mentioned address.



Send Dogecoins

What next?

I’ll add the QR code to a prominent place in this blog and I guess at the end of each post. If you enjoy reading next contributions I’m proud to receive your feedback, best with your always preferred comment and if you like, some Dogecoins.

Currently I think about getting my hands dirty implementing a WordPress plugin, that simplifies Dogecoin donations for great posts. So far there seems to be no easy way available for current WordPress versions.

Maybe it is another way to receive feedback about valuable content. Comments seem to be a sparingly used way (or my blog is really terribly broken?). Let’s see if this way works?!

Why I would not like to add advertisement banners

I really don’t like this indirect and somehow hidden way of manipulating readers using banners. On the one side it disturbs the original content and interrupts flow of reading and following a post.

Yet more subtle ways try to embed it smoothly inside a post, almost like fluid and not interrupting. See some hints by full time bloggers and all suggestions how to earn money with your blog. But, it’s not honest and manipulates. It’s not my way.

I’m writing this blog in my spare time and I like to share my experiences and gain some insights and feedback via comments and direct conversations.

I’m not planning to change to the consultancy business and would not like to extend this blog to become a marketing machine – again to be used to influence others to buy my stuff. Maybe I’m stupid and naive?! But at least I’m honest.

But unfortunately it’s not (yet) for free. Hosting it and proving a fast and reliable experience needs some investment (beside the writing and thinking time). And exactly therefore I think this suggested way of donation could help.

What do you think about it? Did you already use some form of cryptocurrencies? Does it makes sense to be used for donations?

Further readings

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Previous mining experience with Feathercoins – some older post about my first miner (back in 2013) and some crazy experience playing with Feathercoins.



decent-foundation-logoPrimed by looking at ways for donation I stumbled upon that amazing project DECENT – . It’s promising and has the potential of changing the world of digital publishing based on the blockchain architecture. I’m looking forward to 2017, for the launch of the first version, hopefully already including the blogging platform on top of the decent network as described in: What does blogging through a decentralized network look like –

Join the (r)evolution and the decent-ICO. Still time to get on board 😉