Based on the awesome list of 42 tasks for a ScrumMaster by Bernd Schiffer I created a Scribe with VideoScribe describing the role of an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster. Now the English Version is available too. Have fun watching it! Your feedback is highly appreciated.

A german version is available too.
Check out the english voice script.
Updated 2016-01-07: A printable poster version is now available

Background on how to create it

I used the following steps to create this video.
  1. Draw all the pictures with your favorite drawing tool. I used a pencil and paper and afterwards scanned all pictures.
  2. Next I had to convert all pictures to vector graphics. The animation program needs a vector graphic – like SVG. I used iDraw.
    • Insert scanned picture and create a new level
    • In the new level use the drawing tools to redraw the main lines
  3. Create the Video using VideoScribe. It adds all the nice features like the drawing hand, timings, drawing the images based on the vector graphics,…
  4. Record the audio track. I struggled using the inline audio feature of VideoScribe and used the free Audacity.
    • First I created my Voice Script using Evernote
    • To have it scrolling I used the free online Teleprompter CuePrompter (this way you can avoid clicking around during to scroll during your audio recording)
    • Best view your video without sound in parallel and add some notes to your Script regarding breaks.
    • Readjust audio removing breathing noise and other interruptions. I added some hall effect too.
    • Export as mp3
  5. Add the mp3 track to your VideoScribe video.
    • Adjust brakes, transitions and animations to match your audio track.
    • Hint: I added some silence at the end of my audio track to ensure a correct ending of video and audio. Otherwise it started playing the audio again from the beginning.
  6. Export video to your disk – I used the .mov format with HD quality
  7. Upload to Youtube
    • Add annotations to link to your Website
    • Add subtitles or at least deactivate the native one attached.
  8. Share it 😉
If you have question please don’t hesitate to ask me.