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A solution focused format of a project retrospective (the complete retrospective examples series)

With this post I continue the series of examples for retrospectives. It describes a solution focussed version that I recently used as a format for a project retrospective (a project that lasted 3 months and 2 teams were working together)....
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Define great team goals – an awesome 10 steps workshop facilitated by Judith Andresen

What a great day – I’m still deeply impressed by an awesome goal definition workshop facilitated by Judith Andresen. Together with my teammates (what an amazing group we got already – I’m really proud to be part of it) and the...
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ENDPUNKT – solution focussed goal criteria for defining your meaningful, motivating and sticking goals

With this blog post I start a series of posts related to solution focussed coaching. Based on the awesome book Agile Teams lösungsfokussiert coachen (DE) I’m going to share my insights starting with some helpful criteria to define goals. First of...
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