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9 major learning areas on my agile path in 2015 – a fast overview about 57 posts I wrote this year

What an amazing journey along my agile path in 2015. Time to shortly recap the most important steps. Clustered in the topics: RecruitingThe role of an agile coachScrumban and Scrum 3.0Agile metricsWorking in a team of agile coachesRetrospectivesComplexityAwesome workshop experiencesReading...
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Learn how to read 48 books in one month + additional 14 book summaries for free

Agile is about being fast and flexible. I love reading books about AGILE and surrounding topics (motivation, management, happiness, nature,…) but always struggled reading a lot of text and having the need to condense relevant information afterwards. I guess you...
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Weekly Scrum readings follow up – CW46/2012

Background See this kind of post as an experiment, how to best spread my favorite readings of Scrum related input and gain possible input for additional valuable sources from the agile community – meaning YOU. Along with this I’d like...
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