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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekly Scrum readings follow up - CW49/2012


The last week passed with reading in various areas. I learned more about How to help Melly?, found an amazingly simple and nice summary of the Product Owner Role and scanned various cool games to play with your team. Velocity and team commitment followed and are adressed in my next post. Last but not least to mention the mini book Real Life Scrum.

Readings Overview

More detailed information

Real life Scrum

Sources: Real life Scrum (Minibook on InfoQ by Jesper Boeg)

A really nice minibook in a questions and answers style about Scrum and it's usage in the daily work. For me it was really inspiring to have this fresh style of writing and addressing questions I often had in my daily work. Jesper Boeg provides answers that really help and move you forward.

The many helpful further readings and toolboxes enable an evolutionary reading. 

It's fast to read, it's fresh and it's free to download. Thanks a lot to Jesper Boeg.

Lets help Melly

Sources: Lets help Melly (Presentation on Slideshare by Jurgen Appelo)

Based on Jurgen Appelo's thoughts about complex systems and it's groundbreaking book Management 3.0 this cool presentation helped me to reconsider what I read before. Meet Melly (as a proxy for a not yet satisfied employee)  and learn about things you can do to make her more motivated and engaged. In my opinion Jurgen opens the door for the next evolutionary step for our world we work in - this presentation helped me to get a feeling in what direction the journey will continue.

"People are the most important part - keep them active, motivated and creative."

"successful systems spend most of their time copying and adapting ideas from others - innovation is mostly recombining of old inventions"

Linking AGILE to HR theory

Sources: Linking Agile to HR theory (Blog Post by Mike from Leading Answers)

This amazing post provides a fast overview about in my opinion really important topics to help your team performing. 

"Projects rarely fail because the technology does not work; projects usually fail because of people issues. Finding ways to improve the people side of projects, even if they appear counter intuitive, pays huge dividends."

Agile product ownership in a nutshell

Sources: Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell (Youtube sketching video by Henrik Kniberg)

I immediately forwarded this fantastic summary of the role of a product owner to our product owners. It takes you 15' time investment to get a fast and creative overview. I personally really like this kind of presentation - and it holds what it promises: This is basically a 1 day product ownership course compressed into a 15 minute animated presentation.

Various cool games

Sources: Various cool games to play with your teams (Game collection portal)

Are you looking for nice games to energize your retrospectives or to support your coaching. This is platform with an increasing number of nicely described variants to make your daily work more fun. E.g.

  • The project managers nightmare to show why having to many different topics in a sprint makes life complicated
  • The blame game to visualize the disturbing effects of having money based rewards (used as extrinsic motivation)

Do you have additional recommendations?

Can you recommend next nice source to follow and read? I'm curious to read your comments ;-)